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On their online store at www.karoswimwear.com

Karo Swimwear | Spring/Summer 2016 Collections

The Swimwear industry always experiences new designers, new cities hosting swim weeks, and new trends emerging. Our eyes are now on Designer Kasia Roginska, the incredible mind behind Karo Swimwear released in January 2013.

On the Photo: Swimwear and wine, what a match! Model: Vanesa

The Polish-born designer has recently been presenting Runways Shows in New York, in Florida at Palm Beach Fashion Week among others, and she has already caught our attention.

Below you can appreciate her designs for the 2016 season, bringing in a variety of styles including sexy one-pieces, bikinis, lace, and tasseled ends add flirty movement to the designer’s collection. Fully handmade with details to meet requirements from customers, a sure things is that you will find them interesting from all angles. Her styles are inspired by natural stones, pearls, and jewels. We certanly love the fabric choice, pearl connectors, prints, details, and how pieces are excecuted and finished. We invite you to look her site for earlier collections and discover more items that are super worth the time.

All her pieces are available on her web-store, ranging from $90 when they are on special discounts, up to $549 for the higher end ones.

Fashion and Wine Magazine is happy to write about brands that earn people's attention like hers. She is definitely a designer that we want to showcase when our print version comes out soon.

Photo by F Stop Hunters www.fstophunters.com
Make up by Brittany Monico Martin

On the Photo: Swimsuit Models Martha Boltromiejuk (above) and Jessica Solomon (below)

On the Photo: Swimsuit Model Vanesa San Andres (above)

On the Photo: Swimsuit Model Mariah Malinguaggio (below)

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