Poema Swimwear at Palm Beach Fashion Week

Web: www.poemaswim.com

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Online at www.poemaswim.com

Poema Swimwear at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre 2015 | Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Palm Beach Swim Week just finished, and more collections marched down the catwalk to make this event bigger every year.
Poema Swim put their part by showing bikinis, cover-ups, fabrics including solids, stripes and colored pieces.
We are proud of presenting this new brand: "Poema Swimwear"; shop their S/S 2016 collections soon on their website and showroom.

A mother-daughter swim collection, which will be hitting the shelves for SS'16. Poemä is a brand that has unraveled from cultures all around the world. SS'16 will be sold through their online store www.poemaswim.com and their showroom in Boca Raton.

Poemä, meaning the "pearl of the deep blue sea" is designed in South Florida with exclusive prints and the highest quality fabrics from European countries. Poemä Swims goal is to create relationships with people that focus on quality and to encourage women to be themselves. Each piece enhances ones natural beauty, uniqueness, confidence, and elegance. They are all specially designed for the free spirits, travel enthusiasts, and trendsetting women.

Take a peek at some of their designs below!

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