Cocktails Bars in Miami

The Repour Bar inside the Albion Hotel

Repour drinks are handcrafted with fresh-pressed juices and infusions made from a mix of herbs and spices, and teas.

Isaac Grillo, along Tyler are the minds behind the cocktail program at Repour Bar and have appeared in many publications, now The Fashion and Wine team got there to report on the recipes that is making this lobby hotel bar a must stop if you are in the area.

Photos by Deena Thiel from Motif Photography for Fashion and Wine Magazine

On the photo: Piel Canela Cocktail, a drink made with Richland Rum, half and half, sherry, and coconut water.

We tasted and photographed some Richland Rum, gin and bourbon cocktails and according to Tyler (Mixologist) his ideas for drink creations are generated on the go, so get a stool and get ready for a libation journey.

This speakeasy look-alike gem with comfortable couches to enjoy the siping process doesn't serve food, but they have a cold-cuts meats and cheese available to accompany their concoctions for late nite.

Visit Repour Bar at 1650 James Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33130
Tel: (305) 913.1000

On the photo above: Smoked Kumquat Cocktail, made with Richland Rum, Lairds Applejack, lime juice, kumquats and fennel sprigs.

On the photo above: Momma's Sweet Potatoe Pie, made with Bulleit bourbon, candied carrot reduction, chicorey-pecan bitters and garnished with a smore (marshmallow, graham cracker, pumpking spice.)

On the photo above: G & TT, Prescribed gin, Tyler's Tonic, and soda water.

On the photo above: Kha Chili, Fords gin, lemongrass/bird chili syrup, lime juice, cilantro leaves, cilantro, salt and grated galanga.

On the photo above: Avocado Cocktail, prepared with Richland Rum, Mandarin Napoleon, fennel syrup, lime juice, cilantro, salt and cayenne pepper.

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