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The new debut of Belle and Whistle Swimwear in 2015 introduces Cocktail Swim | Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

We are thrilled and in love with this brand: "Belle and Whistle". May you ask why? We have many reasons for that. One of the main elements is the concept, is very similar to our publication. Just the name Cocktail Swim plus all Bottles of Champagne on their IG page shows how sexy this brand is; and that's exactly the one-word we have to define them if we were asked for a super simple descriptor about them.

They presented 3 different collections: The Showstopper, The Diva and The Seductress. Images are below and if you agree with us, the choice of color, details, tassels, sequins, lace, models, and champagnes, makes them so sultry-hot.

Another trademark of them besides the sexy one, is the Peek-a-boo pockets, these are little "pockets" to protect credit cards, ID's and small items while at the beach or a similar ocassion. They come with an option of attaching them from the current pieces of their line. How smart is that, sexy plus wearability are more ingredients added to the recipe to makes us all fall in love with their designs.

As all our readers know, our print version is coming soon, and we must showcase what's hot out there, so you know pretty much what brands you can expect from us on the glossy pages. Buy their items at

Diva 2016 Collection


Showstopper 2015 | Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Seductress 2015 | Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Pockets | Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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