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See what's "HOT" about Heat Swimwear, a local brand from the Miami area | Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Mix Miami, the sun, swimsuits and hot models and you'll get great inspiration to create a swim label. That's the case of Heat Swimwear, they offer prints, solids, colors, and a range of styles that suits many women choices when it comes to choose what to wear under the sun.

Heat Swimwear has been in business for about 8 years. Heat Swimwear prints are separates collection of trendy, vibrant digital prints on high quality fabric. Each print is a group and each group contains at least 3 different style tops and 3 different style bottoms. This collection features many stylish bodies, and they offer fully constructed tops and some accent accessories. Another eye catching detail added is dyed to match lining. They have merchandised their prints to coordinate back to their solids. They offer fully constructed tops with molded pads and underwires, plus the molded pads are dyed to match on all styles. Heat Swimwear represents the girl who lives, breathes, and dreams beach and ocean. Whether she enjoys laying out by the shore or is surfing the next swell, Heat Swimwear has the perfect find for everyone in between.

Bingo Surf is a Juniors swimsuit line created from separates. The prints presented in Bingo Surf are fun, sassy and all done on high quality fabrics. Within this collection there are 3 tops and 3 bottoms, so there is always a style for everyone. Bingo Surf is different from Heat, because this is their price point line. Bingo Surf is high quality swimwear available to customers at a more reasonable price. The Bingo Surf girl is the same as any Heat Girl, except that she is more money conscious while making a statement at the very same time.

All shipments are done individually & handled with joy and in spirit of the beach and ocean. Heat Swimwear believes that any girl can look flawless no matter her size, shape, or age. Heat Swimwear represents timeless and trends all at the same time, with the Miami as inspiration, motivation, and the true heart of what we represent. Buy their items at www.heatswimwear.com

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