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Roxanne Namaki, the women behind the UK based swim label "Maiyo", inspires the feelings and all senses of young girl’s.

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Created in 2016, the muted-monochromatic collection accompany the feelings of these suits to be tried and weared according to the designer's imagination. The glamour and thrill of a classic moment feels right again.

All offerings feature an array of mostly crochet, and now you can get on board with creamy solids, flattering swimsuits, sky-hued bikinis and terrific cover-ups options designed to wow as well as look good. The true concept of minimalism is in full effect here; uncluttered, simple, tasteful, delicate and new, accentuate Maiyo's pure signature.

Made with 100% cotton and handmade with love and care; these minimal pieces are comfty enough to sleep on as well as to splash your summer in the sea.

If we DON'T pay close attention, we can obviosly feel her love for crochet, which makes us also fall on her idea of the free-spirited women of being sexy and confident. ​

You can shop her line at the link below.


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