Tori Praver Swimwear S/S 2017 Collection

Back to basics to get dressed on the beach

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"Nick dek Mar", 475 Biltmore Way
Coral Gables, FL 33134 | (305) 442-8080

"Mermaids Boutique", 7328 Red Rd
Miami, FL 33143 | (305)662-8621

Article by Romina Álvarez for Fashion and Wine Magazine

Photos by Heysel Laguna for Fashion and Wine Magazine

Vertical lines, neutral colors such as white, black, and nude for bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, dresses, jumpsuits, etc. will make you look perfectly comfy and sexy at the same time.

And as everything that goes away, comes back, we want to show you how something that can be so retro can also look so trendy and cool today: high waisted bikinis are an element for your beach outfit that you will surely love, even though your boyfriend does not think the same. They are comfortable, flirty, and super friendly with your shape as long as they are unprinted. Take a peek on Tori´s Praver collection to know more about it.


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