Claudia Romani is a public figure in Miami. She travels often around the world to model and promote her body. Thanks to that, she has appeared in Maxim, Telemundo, TMZ and many other forms of media, making her a top girl in her field.

She lives in Miami Beach, and always ready to shoot commercials, catalogs, and events. Very, very professional model, two thumbs up!

Black/Pink Bikini available at SwimMia boutique on 421 Lincoln Road, Miami, FL

Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Light Brown
Style: Swimwear
Nationality: Italian

Photo: Christian Aporta, Make Up and Hair: Alexandra Maria, Swimsuit: American Apparel

Swimsuit: Masquenada (Available at

Swimsuit: By Swim Mia Boutique (Available at 421 Lincoln Road, Miami, FL, USA 33139

Swimsuit: Yamamay Swimwear (Not available in the US) Shoes: Cash Calzature (Not available in the US)

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