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Angelo Marani in Milan Fashion Week | Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Article by Romina Álvarez for Fashion and Wine Magazine

The Milan Fashion Week was the perfect frame to pay homage to the great Angelo Marani after his death, and this time his daughter Giulia Marani has presented the fall/ winter 17/18 collection of the brand his father created.

The main theme to be seen on the runway last February 22nd, was patchwork, which fully summarizes the creativity work and style that his father performed to achieve a genuine and original manufacture of fabrics and yarns; so following this concept, the trends we saw on stage were pleated skirts in different fabrics like velvet and silk georgette paired together, or peculiar transparencies making match with oversize jumpers with different yarns and coloured marquetry. We also saw loose silky and velvet dresses with geometric patterns such as lines in yellow, gold, turquoise or carmine, and net patterned fabrics.

A very important detail of this collection is the touch of femininity, which is achieved with soft cloths dancing on the body that give that feeling of elegance, but what most caught the attention without a doubt was the patchwork with the embroidered velvet lettering logo and the garments inspired by Mr. Marani's vintage wardrobe, such as the masculine-cut knitcoat, or the jacket in patent leather; the "men's" suits in animal printed or floral jacquard fabric, the biker jacket and the waistcoat in velvety scuba.

Definitely the show was full of interesting proposals with that modern, elegant and daring touch, all at the same time. So patchwork, velvet, embroidery, pearls, net pattern and patent leather: Be welcome!

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