Where to enjoy the best cocktails in Miami

Blackbird Ordinary, in the pursuit of the best cocktails in Brickell

Drinks reviews and images by Christian Aporta

On a sunny and hot afternoon in Miami during June, I get into the doors of Blackbird ordinary to try two cocktails that I asked them to make for me.

In this particular case (not always the same), I told them before I got there that I was going to do a review of what they are known for, cocktails, and with my other photographer to snap a few photos of the drinks we had.

I then happend to meet "Rob Montero", the bar manager. "I've been working for 41 years in different bars", he mentions, with a confident look, and he tells me that soon a new cocktail menu is being implemented at Blackbird.

He proceeds to make the "Spice of Life" and as soon as he pours, you see the glass watering on the outside, the perfect time for me to start photographing that moment. I was worried for a while to what the pictures would look like, but since these are editorial and not advertising photos, I wanted to capture with my camera what my eyes saw and reflect the same in the magazine.

When I take the first sip of this "Spice of Life", I can instantly get the spice, then the smoke of Mezcal, and then the strawberries, in that order. I was really impressed with the combination of flavors here, and how they interact well with each other. Well, I think I found my new favorite cocktail in Brickell, and I totally recommend it. My word for it.
Spice of Life: Fidencio Mezcal, strawberries, mint, jalapeno syrup and lime juice.
9.2 out of 10 is my score for this one.

Now the other drink I tried was the Woodpecker, which is a combination of Woodford Reserve's Bourbon, ginger syrup, lime juice, bitters and club soda. "Ginger and Bourbon" is a personal favorite of mine and a winner mix. When you usually get a few other ingredients in conjuction with ginger and bourbon, half the battle is yours already. Here he used aromatic bitters, lime juice and syrup for the typical balance ratio and there you go: The Woodpecker.

Recipe for Woodpecker by Fraser Hamilton: Woodford Reserve, spiced ginger syrup, aromatic bitters, lime juice and club soda.
I give this drink a 7 out of 10.

Visit Blackbird at 729 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130
Tel: (305) 671-3307

Web: www.blackbirdordinary.com

On the Photo: Rob Montero, Bar Manager at Blackbird Ordinary mixing the "Spice of Life Cocktail"

Below: The Woodpecker by Fraser Hamilton

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