Casa El Enemigo Vigil

Once you sip some of "El Enemigo Wines" you're hooked to book a trip to Mendoza, and see what the gossip is all about.

By Christian Aporta - Food Critic - -
Twitter: @cristianaporta (Miami-Buenos Aires-Ibiza-Mendoza)

Everything makes perfect sense from every angle at this new talk of the block in town. We decided to call and set up a photoshoot to really capture for what they are known for.

On the Photo: Some of the steaks at the restaurant. Photo: Christian Aporta.

Our restaurant critics come from around the world, and we die to inform you on details. For example at Casa El Enemigo Vigil, the charm and love are all in the air, irradiated by the team behind it.

Public Relations Department, Alejandro, waiters, and everyone around are constantly looking out to how they can improve your experience, either by offering you sippings of barrel-aged chards or from any fancy-high-scored-reds.

Escape to the basement cellars and you'll find yourself with a small gallery of metal art, designed by local artists. Actually in hell (cellar name), is where they store those aging wines, soon to be bottled and commercialized.

Their menu consists of 3 courses for lunch, and 5 or 7 for dinner. Prices range from $650 (US$40), to $850 (US$53) to $1.500 (US$92).

This has become the must-visit restaurant if you're in Mendoza. That's why concierges, customers, press, wine and food critics alike, agree on many common factors.

A remarkable dish we'd advice you to try is the Braised Smoked Bondiola de Cerdo. This popular argentinian cut is the pork shoulder, and smoked in-house for customers. Accompanied with carrot's chutney, ginger and bouchon potatoes.

Their orchard is part of the recipe for success in the establishment, we believe; you can't help but observe the cooks grabbing ingredients from a closed by mini-orchard to prepare dishes. Don't leave Mendoza without visiting Casa El Enemigo Vigil!

For reservations:
Casa El Enemigo Vigil Restaurant
Videla Aranda 7008, 5519 Maipú, Mendoza.
Phone: 261 413-9178

Guía de Puntajes y como funciona:

(9.5-10) Excelente: tienes que visitarlo si o si
(9.1-9.4) Superior: superior, muy recomendable
(8.5-9.0) Muy bueno: con algo especial, como que te lo recomienda nuestro crítico
(8.1-8.4) Bueno: tiene sus cosas
(7.5-8.0) Mediocre: se deja visitar, pero no se pierden de nada
(6.0-7.4) No se lo recomendamos

Visitando restaurantes y probando su comida, les damos un puntaje que va del 1 al 10. Puede ser un 8.1 o un 8.5 que es relativamente un buen puntaje, usualmente basado en toda la experiencia en general. Buscamos con nuestras opiniones, (al haber estado totalmente empapados en el rubro culinario durante todas nuestras carreras) informarles sobre las pequeñas diferencias entre los restaurantes, que le dan mejor información a nuestros lectores a la hora de elegir un lugar para ir a comer, a beber, o ambos.

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