Andiamo Pizza on Biscayne Boulevard and 56th St

Andiamo Pizza is one of the top pizza places in Miami, read article to exactly know why.

A quick and simple google search for pizzas in Miami will show around 10 links, go ahead, google it and see. We purposely did it in order to look for a pizza place to review without telling the restaurant we were going. After a wise cyber decision we chose Andiamo Pizza on Biscayne and 56th St. We loved everything about them!

Restaurant service doesn't start when customers walk in through the doors of the restaurant, instead it starts with a phone call for reservations or driving directions. We called Andiamo Pizza for business hours and everything seemed sharp and on point, which is one of the best qualities a restaurant can have; that translates to a good consistency of service due the volume they have.

Camilla, an attentive waitress with a beautiful South-American accent, was part of this pleasant-memorable dinner. We absolutely aren't overrating our words here, Andiamo's SERVICE was simple, precise, welcoming and lovely.

The pizzas we had were the Godfather (pepperoni, meatballs, onions, mushrooms, olives, italian sausage, mozzarella and tomatoe sauce) and Mediterraneo (roasted peppers, artichokes, basil-pesto, feta and sun-dried tomatoes). Ingredients were balanced and fresh, paired with a light to medium-bodied fruity Trentino Alto Adige Pinot Noir, we couldn't ask for more from Andiamo. Great location, small cute tables, crunchy-flavorful pizzas and big screens are great for pizza time with friends or family. Come enjoy a beautiful outdoor setting with great options of imported beers like Peroni, Moretti, Estrella and Stella just to name a few. For microbrews they offer Monk in the Trunk, Cigar City, Magic Hat and a few others.

Our raw way of constructive criticism based on merits or unsatisfactory features regarding flavor, ATMOSPHERE, service, and decor, will contribute to the ongoing climbing gastronomic scene in Miami. The latter recognized to be poor compared to New York, Chicago or San Francisco, is growing at an average speed of 63 Miles per hour. Fashion and Wine Magazine is here to report on that.

To all our readers who crave about pizzas, get a nice table outside on winter time, and get addicted to come back!


Price Range: $6-$17
Address: 5600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

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