5411 Empanadas Restaurant

5411 Empanadas Restaurant in Coral Gables, Miami

While strolling down Miracle Mile, The Fashion and Wine crew stumbled upon 5411 Empanadas, a Chicago based food truck turned restaurant, specializing in Argentinean empanadas and desserts.

By Andrei Endelman - Food Editor - andrei@fashionandwinemag.com

Photos by Heysel Laguna from Motif Photography for Fashion and Wine Magazine

On the Photo: Spinach and Cheese Empanada, one of the main stars of the menu.

Our Publisher and I being from Argentina, decided to see what they had to offer, and boy were we surprised... 5411 Empanadas stands out in Coral Gables as being the only place that makes their empanadas a la minut, meaning they are oven backed to order and meant to be eaten as fresh as possible, the fillings range from traditional flavors such as Humita (creamed corn) and Malbec beef (chopped steak in a wine reduction) to more creative options such as their Mushroom Thyme and Bleu Cheese, they even offer a sweet dessert empanada stuffed with Bananas and Nutella.

The owners greeted us with an array of amazing desserts all made from scratch, starting with the Havanette tart a delicious Northern Argentinean Pie made with the most luxurious dulce de leche I have had in Miami as of yet, the pie is finished with a rich chocolate design on top and is a excellent value under 4 dollars, a must have, even if you drop in just for a cup of coffee. If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to sit down and eat be sure to grab a few Alfajores on your way out, 2 soft maizena cookies with a rich layer of dulce de leche in the middle, make for an amazing sweet bite on the go. They also serve a dulce de leche cheesecake and a classic ricotta cheesecake.

If you manage to come between 3-7pm they have one special, and it is so affordable that they don’t really need much more; three empanadas of your choice and a glass of wine for ten dollars. Considering the high rise of prices in Coral Gables a small gem like 5411 is practically unbeatable and has become my normal midday hangout between work and meetings. Be sure to look out for the owners, they have great taste in music and will play anything from tango to pearl jam at any given time throughout the day.

Overall, Fashion and Wine mag gives 5411 Empanadas a 5/5 rating in authenticity and flavor and a 4/5 in price. Their happy hour is great but the individual empanadas are a little over 2 dollars. We feel as though they should provide specials on a dozen or more empanadas. Because frankly these little empanadas are so good they beg to be shared with friends over a glass of wine or hot cup of mate. Still though, considering the high standards and process of the Coral Gables dining scene they offer a product that suits the average range of prices.

Remember to check out 5411 Empanadas at 98 Miracle Mile, on the Corner of Miracle Mile and Galiano, in the Space where the former tapas restaurant used to be. They get our stamp of approval, and were able to take us back home by making some of the best empanadas we have in the city so far.

Web: www.bullagastrobar.com

Price Range: $4-$7
Address: 98 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

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