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Old Lisbon Restaurant, Portuguese Cuisine

Chef Carlos Abreu cooking up at Old Lisbon Restaurant. If seafood is your weakness, on Coral Way and 17th Ave. there is a place to meet your expectations.

It wasn’t long before we noticed Old Lisbon on Coral Way and 17th Ave. Their menu is centered around seafood with an emphasis on Portuguese cuisine not often found in Miami. Fashion and Wine decided to pay them a visit.

By Christian Aporta
Photos by Heysel Laguna and Deena Danielle

On the Photo: Carlos Abreu, Chef at Old Lisbon Restaurant, is plating entrees for Fashion and Wine Photographers.

As usual, we go to different restaurants looking for great value, great service, atmosphere, and the ultimate dishes. We told them in advance about our visit, so a nice table awaited the Fashion and Wine photographers and writers. 

We started with two appetizers: Codfish Croquettes and Sautéed Sardines. The croquettes were a delicacy with a distinct saltiness that didn’t overpower the other flavors and were accompanied with a cold blacked eyed pea salad, which was a really great contrast. The price for this appetizer is $9, get them, so worth it!

If you love to eat seafood, then the sardines are a must have; 5 pieces, properly decorated and prepared to perfection. It is not a typical item you find at a restaurant, but believe me Old Lisbon has sardines that make you crave for them days later. When you head to Old Lisbon, you should order them for the table and accompany them with a chilled white wine.
On the Photo: Sautéed Sardines.

We then received a house specialty; Grilled Octopus. Delicate and intricate flavors play together in a way that makes your knees weak and your heart warm, it felt like I was having octopus for the first time.

The Stew of Codfish comes in with clams, tomatoes, and olive oil. The stew alone has so much flavor that I personally would eat it with just warm bread and a nice Vinho Verde from Northern Portugal. Price for the stew $23.99 we think this is a more than fair price for such a savory dish.

The Grand Finale was a whole Bacalhau served on top of roasted punched potatoes, peppers, and olive oil. Everything was perfect with this dish, starting from overall execution, to seasoning, to the garnishes and don’t forget price ($22.99), we're just loving it. 

For desserts we had Delicias de Fatima,a delicious egg cream of sorts. Very impressive, not showy or pretentious at all, just a deceivingly simple dessert, the kind that makes you clean the whole plate even after a huge meal.

We also had the Pasteis the Nata for dessert, served warm, and would pair perfectly with some Earl Grey tea.

These are the kind of reviews we love to write, the kind where we visit a restaurant and all agree that we would totally recommend it.

They offer an executive lunch from Monday to Friday (12-2pm) and they have valet parking available. Reservations are highly encouraged. 

Visit Old Lisbon Restaurant at 1698 SW 22nd Street, Miami Fl 33145
Tel: (305) 854-0039

Web: www.oldlisbon.com

On the Photo: Codfish Croquettes.

On the Photo: Fresh Grilled Octopus.

On the Photo: Stewed Codfish.

On the Photo: Grilled Bacalhau a Lagareiro.

On the Photo: Pasteis de Nata.

On the Photo: Delicias de Fatima.

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