Ortanique Restaurant

We dined at Ortanique on the Mile in Coral Gables, and had a less than favorable experience

Our Spotlight is on "Ortanique on the Mile" restaurant, after three anonymous visits we can solemnly say that the error is not in their execution, but instead in their consistency.

When you step in a white tablecloth set restaurant with a renowned award of excellence by wine spectator, a pricey mark up on wines, appetizers starting at $13 and a Filet Mignon at $55 the expectations are set quite high. . . .

We ordered the Port Braised Short Ribs and The Conch-Corn Fritters to share as an appetizer. Short Ribs were properly braised and tender, well presented and garnished, but extremely salty. Conch and Corn Fritters had almost no conch, just a slight flavor of conch was present. On further visits we tried the same items and Short Ribs again were WAY too salty but the Conch was a little better and had more seafood in it.

As for entrées, on our first visit we got their signature dish: The Pork Chop, medium temperature is fantastic, we loved it. Everything is nicely executed and balanced in this dish, topped with a tropical fruit flambé to match the jerked spices on the chop, we recommend it and it's priced accordingly.

Our other entrée was the pan seared grouper, undercooked and salty. We still ate it, we still said everything was fine and we still recommend some items. And, we are still writing about it, because hopefully now we may be sure that our readers could get Short Ribs properly made on ingredients, Conch and Corn Fritters with more protein, and an expediter that carefully checks food before coming out from the kitchen.

We could've talked to waitress or management about it, but our reviews don't cheat, we don't judge on how well a manager solves problems, we judge flavor, decor, service, wine lists, presentation and consistency in all of them. If we would have told them about it, we are sure that afterwards everything would’ve been perfect. Same case applies if we call in advance telling them our publication is going to review them.

We just hope that after this review, they can get better and justify their HIGH mark up on some items on their food and wine menus.

Also for managers, what's the dress code again? Since when does a white tablecloth restaurant have a GM with a guayabera? We respect everyone's style and taste, but this is not Fashion and Wine approved.

Imagine a great steakhouse with an amazing wine list and your Manager or Sommelier comes up to your table with a short-sleeved shirt and baggy pants. Fashion is the first name of our publication.

Ortanique can improve with time but we'd love to see them get better in their overall consistency for the sake of their future business ventures and execute accordingly with balance in lighting, appetizers, salt, uniforms and the overall show.

The Fashion and Wine Magazine Food Section Reviews created by our Editor Andrei Endelman as well as our other food columnists, has been born from the need of a reliable publication in Miami when it comes to highlighting merits or unsatisfactory faults, which require a trained eye to see. When we score wines for our monthly buying guide, our Sommeliers judge based on a quality to price ratio. If we were to apply the same system to grading Ortanique they would get a 5.5 out of 10 thanks to their great service, dessert and drinks. We'd love to see more consistency in quality to make up for the high price, we know mistakes happen, and we have considered that in our scoring.

This editorial article is strictly our opinion based on our dining experiences and our intention is only to provide the most constructive criticism in order to help the Miami dining and gastronomic scene to evolve in a fluid and organic way.

Web: www.ortaniquerestaurants.com

Price Range: $11-$55
Address: 278 Miracle Mile, Miami, FL 33134

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