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Pisco Nazca

Pisco y Nazca brings the best of both worlds to the newly opened restaurant at The Shops of Downtown Doral, come experience Paleo Peruvian Cuisine on a first class setting.

By Montserrat Franco - Lifestyle, Food and Wine Reviewer - mfranco@fashionandwinemag.com
Twitter: @montserratfranc

It looks like the Peruvian Haute Gastronomy is the latest trend in South Florida but Peruvian “Paleo Cuisine” is also renowned worldwide and a focus of study and research at prestigious culinary schools.

On the Photo: Classic Pisco Sour and Moscow Mule.

Chefs from diverse backgrounds combine in their menus some of the regional Peruvian dishes and flavors; we’ve seen a lot of ceviches, tiraditos, anticuchos at top restaurants from South Beach to Brickell but let’s step outside of our comfort zone and drive against traffic times just a bit more and discover why Doral’s new addition “Pisco y Nazca” exceeds expectations when it comes to a culinary experience that has it all in one place; from presentation to taste to professional service. We started admiring the decor; minimalistic and warm from the hands of Celano Designs, the NY based interior design company who worked on projects like LIV, STK, Bagatelle,etc.

Peruvian born Chef Miguel Gomez disciple of none other than Gaston Acurio leads the kitchen with a fun and interesting approach: terms such as La Previa (Starters), Seguimos (will be more like main courses). Thumbs up for the “Jugosito” (spanish for juicy) is a must try gluten-free risotto on aji amarillo broth (a bright red chili pepper and DNA of Peruvian cuisine) prawns, mussels, calamari, fresh fish complete this dish.

The ceviche sampler (passion fruit, traditional and Nikkei) this last one has influence of Japanese Cuisine often found in Peruvian gastronomy. We loved the “Chanfainita” on Chef Gomez version is a potato and meat stew with aji panca a bit more spicy red chili pepper, salsa criollo, botija olives and arroz con choclo (he used aromatic basmati rice and corn). In Pre-Columbian times the Incas have worshipped the corn which is the base of Peruvian nutrition, there are more than 55 types of corn in Peru and you can just find it in every color. “Choclo” the giant white corn garnishes ceviches and other popular dishes.

More Paleo ingredients we found at Pisco y Nazca; like “Salmon Andino” seared salmon with anticuchera sauce, quinoa salad, avocado, huacatay sauce; the last one is a black mint sauce; we found it very exotic and refreshing with quinoa, the popular ancient grain; more than 4,000 years old and considered a sacred crop by the Incas. Mixology is at top of the game for Joel Mesa who leads the beverage program and presents a refreshing Nazca Mule with pisco, ginger beer and lime juice or the Nena Chileano with Pisco, lychee, fresh lime, St Germain, raspberry and ginger beer.

Someone said award winning premium Chocolate from Peru? you must try the Dome; a dark chocolate sphere on sweet potato custard and warm ganache. In Pre-Columbian era; cacao was considered the “Food of the Gods” and you will totally agree once you have this gourmet chocolate melted with a golden secret sauce in front of you. Until the end of July enjoy the “Taste of Doral” menu served for lunch or dinner with 3 choices to sample from; appetizers, main course or dessert; the experience will make you come back to try from the regular menu and by the time you know, you’ll find more excuses to visit Doral.

Visit Pisco y Nazca at The Shops of Downtown Doral, 8551 NW 53 Street, #A101 Doral, FL 33166
Tel: (786) 805-4344

Web: www.piscoynazca.com

On the Photo: The ceviche sampler (passion fruit, traditional and Nikkei).

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