Siam Palace Thai and Sushi Restaurant

Wondering where to enjoy Thai and Sushi flavors on 72nd st in Kendall? Siam Palace has it, "Fashion and Wine" approved!

Photos by Heysel Laguna for Fashion and Wine Magazine

When, you think about Thai and Japanese cuisine in Miami, the options are endless, most of the time you’re taking a gamble and end up somewhere that either tries to re-define Thai cuisine or break your bank. We found out that Siam Palace on Sunset Drive and 99th Ave in Kendall does neither, and that their intention is to provide you with affordable and genuine cuisine. Last week we took some photographs and the results were outstanding!

After asking a couple questions to new owner Kumar, we found out that the restaurant has been around for 27 years and has undergone serious changes this past year from ingredients to decor, making small changes little by little without destroying the integrity that has kept their regulars coming back, once you try the food everything seems to make sense.

The "Combination Appetizer" (underpriced at $9) consists of Thai Spring Rolls, Curry Puffs and Fried Wontons; we also tried a Salmon Mango Roll as well as a slew of traditional Thai favorites like; Beef Satay, Seafood Pad Thai, and Red Curry Chicken with a side of Fried Rice. The Flavors were strong and intensely fresh, the presentation speaks for itself (check out the photos under this article).

We recommend accompanying these meals with a signature Thai Iced Tea or wine, Kumar has taken the time to make sure that a good selection of wines is available. The Malbec "Septima" from Mendoza is a perfect match with any curry or a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to cut through those fried appetizers dishes.

For dessert, please try the Fried Cheesecake (last photo in the gallery) and you will thank us later, we loved it so much. If cheesecake isn’t your thing, they also have Thai Donuts and Fried Ice Cream, but they aren’t half as good as the cheesecake in our opinion.

These culinary treats receive a 9 out of 10! Just like scoring wine, our conclusions are drawn from a ratio of price to quality, when it comes to Siam Palace you are getting a very high level of authenticity and freshness in the food for literally nothing when it comes to price, we highly recommend that you come to Siam Palace next time you are driving down the traffic on Sunset Drive.


Price Range: $6-$35
Address: 9999 S.W. 72nd ST #109, Miami, FL 33173

On the Photo: Combination Appetizer: curry puff, thai spring rolls, and fried wontons.

On the Photo: Salmon Mango Roll

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