Writing And Editorial Submission Guidelines

Fashion and Wine Magazine welcomes proposals from freelance writers on subjects that pertain to wine, fine food and fashion. Full manuscripts on spec are discouraged. Proposals can be submitted via email or snail mail. A proposal only needs to be one or two paragraphs, but it should be accompanied by materials (a resume, curriculum vitae or clips) intended to convince the editors of the submitter's qualifications to write that particular piece.

Submitters should be cautioned that Fashion and Wine Magazine receives hundreds of proposals, and employs contributing editors in wine regions around the world who also propose story concepts. There is often a discernible overlap in specific proposals and general subject matter. At the same time, be assured that the editors will assign a story to the first qualified writer who proposes it.

You may also pitch story ideas for Fashion Week Online. For example, ideas that you might have thought were too time-sensitive for a monthly magazine will now be considered. The editors will discuss all proposed story ideas internally, and decide whether the idea will work for the magazine, for the Web site or (we regret to inform you...) neither.

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The South Florida Seafood Festival is a celebration of all things seafood and waterfront living, giving people their fill of the freshest, tastiest delicacies of the sea.

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