Marlee's Green Tea Whiskey

A Cocktail Spotlight: Green Tea Goodness at the Mondrian in South Beach

Marlee's Green Tea Whiskey, a new flavored whiskey that recently launched in South Florida. Marlee's combines whiskey and green tea, two unique flavors that form a fantastically well-balanced and delicious taste when blended together. Marlee's uses only a handful of ingredients, keeping it simple. The drink is a proprietary blend of green tea sourced from select farms in China, blended and brewed with American rye whiskey and a touch of agave. The unique combination results in a delicious sweetness and fulness to the flavor of whiskey, while also providing a healthier and lower calorie alternative to other flavored whiskeys.

The Mondrian Hotel in South Beach carries a drink made with Marlee's Grean Tea called: The Green Tea Goodness, and if you like it, tag us in our social networks!

Cocktail: Green Tea Goodness
Price: $15
Ingredients: Marlees Green Tea Whiskey, Ginger Syrup, Pressed Lemon, Lychee
Where to find it: Mondrian Hotel South Beach 1100 West Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139


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